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Here at TPW, we have a wide variety of Pumps and related Products, ranging from Vacuum Pumps, Metering Pumps, Syringe Pumps, Dry Vacuum Pumps, Oil Sealed Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum-Pressure Pumps. Inside of the basic categories, there is a wide variety of different types and brands of pumps, and the applications to which they can be put to use are innumerable

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Featured Products

Welch 1402 Vacuum Pump
Price: Starting at $2,910.00
 Welch 1402 Vacuum Pump
Long Service Life Due To Low Pump RPM; In Demanding Applications Such As: Freeze Drying; Concentrating; Vacuum Manifold/ Schlenk Line; Degassing; Vacuum Distillations; Vacuum Drying.
1400 DUOSEAL® Belt Drive High Vacuum Pump
Price: Starting at $2,010.00
1400  DUOSEAL®  Belt Drive High Vacuum Pump
Rugged belt drive vacuum pump 0.9 cfm 25 L/min 1x10-4 Torr 115V 60 Hz
Coaxial Trap NW 25
Price: $359.00
Coaxial Trap NW 25
Protects the vacuum pump from harmful substances present in the vacuum system and/ or formed during the vacuum process. Can also block the vacuum pump oil from backstreaming into the system and contaminating.
CTI-Cryogenics 1020 Compressor Adsorber
Price: $545.00
CTI-Cryogenics 1020 Compressor Adsorber
Adsorbers are frabricated using new dehydrated charcoal, glass, wool, felt pads, and Aeroquip couplings. All units are carefully cleaned, packed, leak checked, decontaminated, and charged with 99.999% pure helium.
Polywire Vacuum Hose 5/8" I.D x 29/32" O.D
Price: Starting at $39.95
Polywire Vacuum Hose 5/8" I.D x 29/32" O.D
Flexable vacuum hose, reinforced with steel wire coil to prevent kinking under vacuum
TPW LED Digital Vacuum Gauge
Price: $467.50
TPW LED Digital Vacuum Gauge
Reads vacuum from 760 torr to .001 microns using a sophisticated, microprocessor-based circuit to measure Vaccuum using a rugged, inexpensive, thermocouple vacuum gauge tube.
TPW VRG Vacuum Regulator Gauge 1422A
Price: $486.60
TPW VRG Vacuum Regulator Gauge 1422A
Easily Connects to pump intake via 1/4" ID Vacuum Hose Controls regulation of vacuum levels atmosphere thru 30" VAC
Welch 1376 Vacuum Pump
Price: Starting at $4,110.00
Welch 1376 Vacuum Pump
The Duoseal® high vacuum belt drive pump offers stable, high efficiency pumping below 1 Torr. Its lower pump RPM reduces internal wear compared to high-speed direct drives, and its cool running lowers maintenance requirements.
Welch 1397 DUOSEAL® Belt Drive High Vacuum Pump
Price: Starting at $5,520.00
Welch 1397 DUOSEAL® Belt Drive High Vacuum Pump
Welch 1397 DUOSEAL® Belt Drive High Vacuum Pump, 17.7 cfm 500 L/min 1x10-4 Torr 115V 60HZ
Welch 1400N Chemstar™ Vacuum Pump
Price: Starting at $2,021.76
Welch 1400N Chemstar™ Vacuum Pump
For corrosive gases; High contamination tolerance; Vital parts corrosion resistant; Reduced frictional wear; Nitrogen purge standard; Easy attachment of accessories.
Welch 8905 Direct Drive Vacuum Pump
Price: Starting at $2,100.00
Welch 8905 Direct Drive Vacuum Pump
Lightweight, Compact, High Preformance Pump; General Vacuum Work; Laboratory Applications; OEM Instrumentation; Replacement Pumps for Instruments and Equipment.
Welch Dry Vacuum Pump
Price: $745.00
Welch Dry Vacuum Pump
Economical pumps with advanced chemical resistance; Ideal for many organic filtration / degassing application; High performance wet components will not corrode; Convenient for lab or field usage; Includes Vacuum regulator and Dial vacuum gauge.
Welded Pump Cart 26"
Price: $279.00
Welded Pump Cart 26"
The 26" Welded Cart is constructed from sturdy steel with a black powder coated finish. Includes/CSA approved, 4-outlet, surge-protected, electrical assembly with 25' cord, cord winder, and non skid rubber mat.

Pumps and Pump Accessories
  • Let TPW introduce you to the easiest way to find the vacuum pump, repair kits, vacuum gauges as well as other related products to meet your needs. Call today!

Easy Repair—Vacuum Pump Parts
Vacuum Pump Repair Kits and Parts for many brands of pumps!
Alcatel, Busch, Edwards, Fisher, Kinney, Leybold, Stokes, Varian, Welch and more.  

TPW puts the products you need at your fingertips so you can keep your vacuum pump running smoothly.  Our Laboratory Pumps and Industrial Pumps fit most applications, vacuum pump options include:

  • Dry Vacuum Pumps
  • PTFE Dry Vacuum Pump
  • Belt Drive Pumps
  • Direct Drive Pumps
  • Vacuum-Pressure Pumps
  • Piston Pump

We stock a large selection of pumps:

  • KDS Syringe Pumps
  • New Era Syringe pumps
  • Gast Vacuum Pressure Pumps
  • Welch Vacuum Pumps
  • Manostat Metering Pumps

We also have vacuum gauges, including options like:

  • Pump Mount Vacuum Regulator
  • Handheld General Range Vacuum Gauge
  • Digital Vacuum Gauge
  • And More

Vacuum Pump Repair

If you’re in need of help with vacuum pump repair—we’ve got you covered.  The TPW Pump Service Facility can return your pump to a like new condition, for 30 years our pump service technicians have been rebuilding most brands of vacuum pumps. In addition to our vast array of pump services we can also provide you with the parts to service your own pumps. Need some help our service technicians can answer your questions on operation and maintenance of vacuum pumps. We have many resources to make it easy to find what you need when you need it.

 Vacuum Pump Oils and Fluids

  • Hydrocarbon Vacuum Pump Oil
  • Silicone Diffusion Pump Fluid
  • Fomblin PFPE Fluid
  • Synthetic Vacuum Pump Fluid
  • Santovac 5 Fluids
  • Food Grade Vacuum Pump Fluid

When you shop with TPW, you’ll have everything you need at your finger tips to find the correct fluid for your pumps. Our vacuum pump fluids are top of the line premium fluids made by the same companies that provide these fluids to the pump manufacturers, so you get the same quality fluids at a cost effective price. We can help you choose the correct fluid for your application or process just call 386-675-4000 and speak to our in house customer service specialist.

Vacuum Tubing and Hose

Choose from our large selection of thick wall pure gum rubber hose or Polywire clear tubing that come in many different sizes to meet your needs. When it comes to high vacuum we carry 304 s/s metal flex tubing with NW QF and KF connectors.
Make TPW  Pumps, Service, Supply your go to source for all your pump and related product needs.

Vacuum Pump Fittings

We can help you choose the correct pump inlet or exhaust connection fittings for your pumps, we stock QF KF NW fittings, pump to flare fittings, and pump to hose fittings

Contact TPW Today

When you’re ready to discover an easier way to find the vacuum gauges, vacuum pump repair supplies, and other vacuum pump parts you need, TPW is here to help.  With a full inventory of products to meet your needs, we are eager to assist.  Feel free to contact us today at 386-675-4000 to find out more about our products.  We look forward to helping you find the vacuum pump or related products.