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NW Vacuum Fittings

Pump Fittings to Suit Your Applications

At TPW Vacuum, we do more than give you a wide selection of pumps for a wide range of applications. We also offer the accessories and vacuum fittings you need, and all are available from an easy-to-order site. That way, shopping is always convenient and affordable. Our excellent customer service will ensure that you get the right products for your needs, and we have the accessories that will work with any vacuum pump that you rely on for your applications.

Our pump fittings are used primarily for high vacuum applications to attach your pump to your chamber or application. We have a wide variety of stainless steel and aluminum fittings, but we would caution you that if you’re working in ultra-high vacuum, pump fittings are not the way to go for your applications. As a general rule, think of ultra high vacuum as anything more than -4 Atmospheres. These pump fittings are designed for general purposes, not for research items, and are great for use on backing pumps. Read more...

NW 16 Fittings
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ISO NW 25 Fittings
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ISO NW 40 Fittings