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When you need reliability TPW Vacuum Products Inc. is the service center you want rebuilding your vacuum pumps, our mission has been to provide long term reliable pump rebuild services each and every time. We understand that the applications your pump are attached to must meet exacting standards each and every time it's used. If you want your pump to work like new after its been rebuilt,
then TPW Service Center is your best choice. 

TPW Vacuum Products Inc. was the first to implemented an industry standard of delivering a quality pump rebuild service at a cost effective price without sacrificing reliability, quality, and customer service.

TPW Vacuum Products Inc. consistently provides a factory quality pump rebuild service with standardized quality control measures, technical knowledge, and the proper parts necessary to insure reliability.
We do this by replacing all wear components needed with each pump serviced, and quality control inspections throughout the rebuild process. Special care and attention is paid to every detail  to insure quality, reliability and long pump service life. 

Upon receiving a pump we asign a tracking number to each pump and record the following information: company name, brand of pump, model number, serial number and motor voltage setting etc, this is done to assure accurate tracking of all pumps as they proceed through our extensive rebuild process. when an service number has been generated in advance of equipment arrival we cross check that the unit expected from customers' facility is the same as pump received.

We record all accessories received with the pump and note any components missing, they are: connections & fittings, filters, motor, guards etc. This insures they are quoted if needed or returned with equipment when the unit is delivered back to the customer.
Pump fluid is an important component of a pump operating correctly for your application process. We test the fluid in each unit to make sure that it is prepped after rebuild with the same type fluid. We also inspect the fluid for contamination and possible premature pump failure due to fluid type used, all pumps are shipped back to customer dry without fluid, and tagged for fluid type.

In order to achieve the most comprehensive inspection and rebuild each unit is completely disassembled. The technician assigned disassembles the pump under a exhaust system wearing gloves, safety glasses and when necessary, a breathing mask if pump was used in an application where toxic or biomedical materials were present in the process application. Technician will perform a no load run test on motor to check for bearing damage and abnormal noise, a final test is preformed after assembly under load to insure motor is operating within specifications.

All internal pump parts are degreased and decontaminated in our high-pressure parts washer system using a special aqueous based solution to breakdown baked on oil and other materials contaminating the parts. This allows us to begin the parts inspection process.

Because internal component tolerances must be maintained to support proper operation within each part of the pump, the technician will compare the factory specification to actual for each part, based on the technician's experience and knowledge. A visual inspection is done and when necessary the technician will use calipers to check tolerances. The parts that are damaged or worn are recorded on the technician's worksheet. When the technician completes the analysis a supervisor reviews his work and confirms the analysis, thereby reducing errors in the service process and insuring all parts meet manufacturer specifications.
There are many reasons why pumps fail, long term wear, poor oil lubrication, ingested material, process contamination, etc. Our analysis will include, when attainable, as accurate an analysis on the reason for failure. A quote will be provided in detail of any parts needed to properly rebuild the pump to manufacturers specification, no further service work will be performed until you have approved the service repair quote.
This insures total control over your pump service. If equipment is not cost effective to rebuild. We will quote with the rebuild service a new replacement pump should the rebuild cost exceed 50% of a new pump, so you may judge cost effectiveness of service

Original remaining parts are individually cleaned and polished to prep them for pump assembly. Removing the scale and rust from the parts will allow proper mating and assembly to manufacturer specifications resulting in a better performing unit when completed, and also in a more reliable, longer running pump. After the parts have been laid out for inspection the production supervisor will perform a final inspection before approving the equipment for rebuild, all the elastomers, seals, gaskets, springs, valves and vanes are replaced in the assembly process. Care and attention is given to all components and proper assembly throughout the rebuild process with quality control checks at specific times dependent upon equipment type. The technician assigned is trained and specialized in the type of equipment. 

Once a pump is assembled to manufactures specifications it is ready for test. A technician will go through a number of procedures of tests to make sure the unit is operating correctly. This allows the technician to correct any problems that may occur. The rigorous test procedures include such tests as: temperature, vacuum pressure, vacuum pressure with gas ballast, volume to base pressure, oil leaks, sound, motor amp draw, load test motor, etc. The test phase can last up to 72 hours depending on type of equipment serviced. Only after all the quality control inspection is passed will the equipment be released for shipment.


We believe quality comes first, and first impressions are important. That is why pumps are painted and detailed before being returned to a customer after service; besides operating like new, the equipment will look like new! 


After all the extensive work has been completed on a unit, getting it ready for proper shipment is essential. Having a pump arrive safely to its location is important for the pump and the customer. We only use certified shipping materials designed to take abuse. Pump weight and destination will determine if a package carrier or a freight carrier will handle a shipment. Our experience in shipping pumps reflects when it arrives in the right position undamaged.
The customer can specify their preferred shipping company or use our designated carrier. TPW Vacuum Products carriers have experience handling pumps and the necessity of equipment arriving intact without damage with on timely deliveries and the ability to track a shipment throughout its journey at any time. 


With every pump serviced, expect a call from a customer service representative to make sure you are completely satisfied with your repair. They verify shipment and installation went smoothly, no additional items were needed and to thank you for your trust and order.

TPW maintains a detailed log of all pumps that arrive through our service center. This record will include; Make, Model, Serial Number, Last Rebuild, Failure Analysis Report, and Company Contact. We have a complete detailed history report of each pump should it return to our facility. Please feel free to contact TPW for information on any of the pumps you have purchased or serviced.

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