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Vacuum Sealants

Liquid Vacuum Sealant from TPW

Maintaining a seal is a fundamental part of an efficient vacuum system, and the sealant you implement must be up to the task. The Liquivac vacuum sealant we offer functions at a temperature range from -100F to 325F, and can be used to seal both large and very small vacuum leaks. So if your vacuum system has a leak our liquid vacuum sealant is a very effective solution to solve the problem.

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Krytox RFE High Performance Grease/ Lubricant
Price: $56.00
Krytox RFE High Performance Grease/ Lubricant
This high performance synthetic lubricants handle a broad range of challenging lubrication problems. It greatly increases the service life of critical components and dramatically extends relubrication intervals. PFPE High Performance Lubricant.
Vacuum Sealant
Liqui-Vac Vacuum Sealant
Price: $23.50
Liqui-Vac Vacuum Sealant
Vacuum Sealant for use on treaded or machined connections.